Shady Isle - Membership Questionnaire

Thanks for your interest in joining the Shady Isle Pirates!

Our group is engaged in a wide variety of group based activities and we encourage active participation in several different activities regardless of skill level.

Since we are a 100% volunteer based organization,  it is important to have fun while giving back to our communities.

Many of our members have learned useful skills along the way, for example all of our mini-brig captains have obtained their BOATSMART® Canadian Pleasure Craft Operator Licenses, with some members having had little or no experience on the water before participating with the Shady Isle Pirates. Additionally, we have had members complete workshops with the Academy Duello on stage fighting and swordsmanship,  and bullwhips while still others have learned how to make costumes, hats, shanty sing, and have sailed on an actual Tall Ship.

We welcome all levels of commitment, skills and backgrounds  and understand the responsibilities of everyday life. Our expectation is that members participate in a wide variety of group activities. 

Our main focus is to have fun while inspiring yourself, and others.

While membership is currently free, in order to gauge your interests and level of involvement we would appreciate you taking the time to fill a short questionnaire. 

Please enter your name.

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Please advise your general availability.

Please select one or several options that you are interested in participating with the Shady Isle Pirates.

The Shady Isle Pirates participate in a variety of events and/or activities. Please let us know what kinds of events & activities generally interest you. Please be honest! It is okay for example to just like to participate in parades.

As much as possible we car pool and provide transportation for members to events outside our home port. Please let us know your traveling ability and/or restrictions.

Please let us know your transportation needs.

While the Shady Isle Pirates have no age restrictions, please let us know your general age range.

Please let us know a little about yourself. Do you have any experience, skills or knowledge that you think would be helpful in being part of the Shady Isle Pirate?

Please state Yes or No - If "yes" please describe the name of the organization and if you're presently involved.