May 12, 1680

May 12, 1680

At Port.

One less Bounty Hunter. After a bit of coin, one of Fannys girls put me on to a new customer. He didn't even announce himself to the Fort. Went right into the bar. Ordered a few drinks. Then after his fourth he approached one of the Girls. Kept his money to himself even when he was sheathing his sword. 

Found him over by the docks. He didn't get a shot off as I introduced him to a knife I borrowed off Ruby Nintales. A few choice knots and some rocks had him settled nicely. I even got my money back and few extra coins. He had a strange piece on him. A flintlock with 3 barrels. You could rotate the barrels which each had a flint hold. Bloody waste if you ask me. A Blunderbuss would take less time to fire and do more damage.


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