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June 20, 1680

June 20, 1680

Off the coast of Ladysmith.

The Kraken came for me Mudder. I was just off the coast when I could already hear Ma cussing and hitting a huge tentacle with her favorite cast iron frying pan.

Rat was first out of the boat and before you could say GULP he went down the Krakens gullet quicker than one of my sandwiches. 

Mumbles and I made our way to the shoreline and started cutting away at the Beast. 

There was plenty of calamari for supper that evening. The Creature escaped but learned a lesson that day. DO NOT MESS WITH PIRATES MUM!

June 10, 1680

June 10, 1680

At Sea.

Report of Tentacled creature confirmed and heading toards Ma's location.

I convinced Ruby Nintales to lend me a Johnny Boat to go and see if Ma's alright. Mumbles McGee and Rat Thompson offered to come along. I managed to piece together a sail to help save our strength. 

We lost Red Sam last week due to scurvy. I made sure the Liberte had enough provisions while I was gone. 

Wish me luck.

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